Westland Data Bunker

Westland Data BunkerIt’s a simple fact: The last thing any data center wants is publicity.  Indeed, the less that is known about a data center, the more secure the data inside.

However, let us tell you something that may surprise you about East Texas’ Westland Data Bunker.  The state-of-the-art Tier III data center of Westland is one of the most impenetrable structures in the United States.  That it stands in such close proximity to Deison Technology Park is yet another clear reason to seriously consider DTP for your technology business location.

About 100 miles from the Texas Gulf Coast and 345 feet above sea level, Westland features bullet-resistant exterior glass, massive reinforced concrete construction, and an onsite helipad.  The building is designed to be functional and accessible during disasters from any cause or direction, yet completely fortressed by the most sophisticated measures against all criminal or political intruders.  With Westland, your business data is fully protected from unplanned interruption.

Secure.  Strong.  Ready.

Bunker LayoutWestland provides co-location of critical IT operations, while the 100,000 square foot, four story office building serves as a business continuity and disaster recovery center.  They have the ability to meet or exceed any requirements for co-location, business continuity, or managed services.

Well planned and operated, Westland is also a financially sound private company, structured as a limited partnership and directed by a forward thinking team of highly skilled professionals with a passion for this business and a commitment for excellence.

The Perfect Team to Meet Any Technology Challenge.

Westland Data Bunker offers a full suite of Managed Services.  With core competencies in all aspects of information technology, networking, telecommunication systems, data storage, and applications, the Westland team provides a unique combination of first class infrastructure, technical expertise, industry experience, business acumen, and strategic partnerships.  With a highly experienced staff, it provides an all-inclusive suite of services designed to help customers realize the operational and financial advantages that can come from outsourcing any or all of their technical operations.

Solid and Reliable, No Matter The Storm.

Recovering business operations after a disaster is hard – but maintaining operations during a disaster is even harder. A cornerstone of any successful business continuity plan is knowing that you have a safe, reliable, and accessible location from which to conduct day-to-day operations. The Business Continuity Center on the Westland campus is just such a place for your business and its data.

To find out more about the Westland Data Bunker, visit their website at www.westlandbunker.com.