Conroe Industrial Development Corporation – CIDC

Opportunities – good opportunities – seem to be in ever short supply these days.  Perhaps, it’s because good opportunities are no longer simple things.  Rather, getting a project to fruition is increasingly a complex endeavor requiring focused attention.

The notion of reducing the hurdles for technology businesses is central for the Conroe Industrial Development Corporation (CIDC), founder of the Deison Technology Park.  With Section 4(B) sales tax proceeds contributing to the project, DTP has been able to plan, design, and build a business climate and infrastructure conducive to the needs and desires of the modern tech business.

Indeed, CIDC has been able to husband Conroe 4(B) sales tax funds to build and improve DTP roadways, waterworks, utility, and internet connectivity.

The seven members of the CIDC Board include:

  • Mickey Deison, CIDC Board Chairman
  • Toby Powell, CIDC Board Member
  • Guy Martin, Conroe City Council Member
  • Marsha Porter, Conroe City Council Member
  • Seth Gibson, Conroe City Council Member
  • Will Metcalf, Director
  • Alfred Anderson, Director

Larry Calhoun is the Executive Director of CIDC and is responsible for the management of DTP.  Along with guidance from the CIDC Board, DTP has become a desirable location for technology business to locate/relocate.

As a good opportunity for building the future for the City of Conroe, DTP is also one of those rare good opportunities for the future of your technology business.

Let’s get together and we’ll show you how.